Downtown Utica “Reimagining the Arts” Banner Campaign – CELEBRATING AND DIVERSIFYING ARTS AND CULTURE

PrattMWP student Mark Pei admires his banner in front of Grace Church

Multiple disciplines and 70 diverse artists are celebrated as part of Utica’s “Reimagining the Arts” street gallery banner campaign. As you stroll up Genesee Street, this guide will help you learn more about the work and lives of the featured high school students, college professors, jewelry makers, photographers, painters, sculptors, culinary artists and other local creatives – both amateur and professional – who reflect the diversity and authenticity of Utica.

Like many post-industrial cities, Utica harbors significant and well-known arts and culture assets including its signature Olmsted parks, Beaux-Arts public library, and an International-style art museum. But it also has many other lesser known or yet to be represented arts and culture assets that make it distinct and unique. Those are found in Utica’s diverse ethnic and cultural groups and neighborhoods and its many arts and culture makers and producers. They are found in the city’s ethnic food heritage and traditions, it’s storied and oft times untold histories and the many informal indoor and outdoor places and settings where people come together to create and interact with one another.

The featured artists:
Balighah Alkhawlani, Jewelry Designer
Connie Avery, Painter, Potter, Photographer
Alison Brown, School Librarian, Artist
Dan Buckingham, Professor of Sculpture, PrattMWP
Kayla Cady Vaughn, Artist, Designer, Educator
Lindy Callahan, Student, PrattMWP
Amanda Chamberlain, Upstate Cerebral Palsy Artist
Bob Cimbalo, Artist
Mario Andrés Colón, Artist and Educator
Man Hue Duong, Artist and Educator
Sarah Dustin, Calligrapher, Letterist and Educator
Mark Dyson, Digital Artist
Anastasia Eren, Student, PrattMWP 
Ossareine Felix, Student at Utica Academy of Science Charter School
Celeste Friend, Jewelry Designer
Steven Galinn, Photographer
Rasha Hakeem, Student at MVCC, Henna Artist
Bob Heins, Architect and Painter
Abya Htoo, Painter
Chris Irick, Professor of Jewelry, PrattMWP
Ana Jofre, Professor at SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Angela Johnson, Community Arts Activist
Lyf Jonez, Visual Artist, Instructor
Moo K’Paw, Proctor High School Student, MUCCster
Doe Doe Keh, Videographer, Photographer
Diana Kichuk, Student at PrattMWP
Hallie Kim, Student at PrattMWP
Jedediah Kimball, Artist and Professor at MVCC
Jonathan Kirk, Sculptor
Donna Kistler, Pastel Artist
Patricia Knobloch, Architect
Zach Lewis, Photographer, Educator
Rachel Lewis, Upstate Cerebral Palsy Artist
Deondre Linder, Student, Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School
Josh Mahoski, Student, PrattMWP 
Jen Major, Mixed Media Artist
Richelle Maki, Mixed Media Artist
Ken Marchione, PrattMWP Professor
Rainer Maria Wehner Sculptor and Educator
Angela Marken-Colon, Visual Artist
Cathy Marsh, Mixed Media Artist
Joshuwa McKinsey, Student, Proctor High School 
Dave Mentus, Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Claudine Metrick, PrattMWP Professor
Tom Montan, Figurative Portrait Artist
Ah Mu, Karen Traditional Weaver
Fiona O’downey, Acrylic Painter, Precisionist
Angelina Orsaio, Sketch Artist, Student at Utica Charter
Matt Ossowski, Videographer, Photographer
RC Oster, Ink Illustrator
Joan Palmer Ganeles, Jeweler, Weaver
Cindy Panella & Scot Foley, Local Potters
Ashley Panzone, Local Artist
Holly Parker, Art Teacher, Painter
Mark Pei, Student, PrattMWP 
Tera Picente, Student, Proctor High School
Vartan Poghosian, Ceramic Artist
Marc-Anthony Polizzi, Sculptor
Beth Post, Illustrator and PrattMWP Professor
Connie Pratt, Painter, Instructor, Business Owner
Michaela Scarafile, Illustrator 
Evangelina Stoyan, Student, Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School
Chris Sunderlin, Artist, MUCCster
Tony ThompsonThompson, Working Artist
Dan Turco, Upstate Cerebral Palsy Artist
Faith Valencia, Student, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Maria Vallese, Illustrator and Artist
John Vaughn, Artist, Educator
Connie Watkins, Artist, Author, Teacher
Connie Williams, Mosaic Artist